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Arturo about 1 month ago

Goi Cuon • Summer Roll

I could eat these for app, my main and dessert. So fresh and tasty!

Lbniebur 2 months ago

Dau Que Xao Cay • Spicy Green Bean

So good!! Heard that this was one of Ford frys favorite restaurant and knew I had to try it! Best Vietnamese in Atlanta.

Jamiekluesner 2 months ago

Mi Cua • Garlic Crab Noodle

This stuff SMACKSSSSS. One of my favorite dishes you guys offer.

Leah4514 3 months ago

Cha Gio • Crispy Spring Roll

I would definitely 1000% recommend this place. When my friend and I walked in, we We're advised that the wait was 30 to 45 minutes so we decided to sit at the bar. It took us about 10 or 15 minutes to even be greeted or served any beverages but we kindly waited. Once the bartender did greet us it was quick and he was very scattered (while giving our order he kept leaving and coming back). We ignored it and Time passed. My friend received all her food but I did not receive mine so I asked him to check very kindly. About 10 minutes pass and I ask very kindly if he checked and he rudely advised that it's busy and it's coming And there is nothing he can do about it... mind you I ordered green freakin beans.... my fiend order the crab pasta so I'm confused at this point. I understand the industry and how bartenders get busy but this was more scattered/overwhelmed than busy. I see the manager and advised him of the situation. WITHOUT hesitation he quickly discounted our meal and bought us a round of drinks AND bought out my food ASAP. The manager made light out of the situation which was nice and used a positive reinforcement. He came back several times to check on us and other customers. On top of that the food was 10 out of 10 on the foodie scale lol (To me at least!) again definitely recommend!

Theadl20 3 months ago

Mi Cua • Garlic Crab Noodle

The garlic crab was an amazingly delectable noodle dish. The flavors were delicate but tasty. I'll definitely be coming back to this meal again.

Sophronia 3 months ago

Ga Kho Noi Dat Set • Chicken Clay Pot

This is the only way to eat delicious chicken. I go often because the flavor is unforgettable! Friendly and great Service!

Cgs9910 5 months ago

Cai Xoan • Kale Salad

Amazing combination. Bright flavors. Will return just for this!

Madalenamoresi 5 months ago

Ga Kho Noi Dat Set • Chicken Clay Pot

The tofu clay pot is my favorite item on the menu! It's simple, but incredibly delicious. The flavors are rich, and all of the ingredients go so well together.

Gregor 5 months ago

Pho Broth

Clean. That is the simplest way to describe the taste of the broth. It had a pure, refreshing taste that I would recommend to anybody. It is worth getting the pho broth without any noodles - it is that good.

Palladiuminvestmentsatl 6 months ago

Ga Kho Noi Dat Set • Chicken Clay Pot

Le Fat is a our neighborhood go-to for beautifully prepared Vietnamese cuisine. Some favorites are Chicken in Claypot (can we say crunchy rice on bottom) and the simple and perfect pho broth (I am obsessed). The space is beautiful and the cocktail list is interesting and well paired with the food.

Sarachamber 6 months ago

Hu Tieu Xao Bo • Drunken Noodle

DELICIOUS! The drunken noodles are amazing, easily the best thing on the menu. Quantity AND quality! Easily could be split between 2 people (or you can have fantastic leftovers)

Sheawright 6 months ago

Ga Kho Noi Dat Set • Chicken Clay Pot

The Claypot Chicken was incredible. Perfectly seasoned chicken in a delicious sauce with bits of crisped rice to add texture. Absolutely fantastic! Get this!

Apaaby 6 months ago

Ga Kho Noi Dat Set • Chicken Clay Pot

This chicken clay pot is so freakin scrumptious, I salivate just thinking about it. The chicken is tender and flavorful, but what really gets you is the whole cloves of garlic, which are completely caramelized, and the rice that gets crispy and glazed against the hot clay pot. I could eat this all day and all night. Along with the drunken noodle, this is my go to dish. We always order the sauteed market greens (and sometimes the spicy green beans) to go alongside, these veg are maximally delicious in their own right and make you feel like you are eating a balanced, responsible meal even though the clay pot and drunken noodles are rich umami-bombs.

Desirae 7 months ago

Ga Kho Noi Dat Set • Chicken Clay Pot

I use to live in this part of town- but Le Fat is one of the best restaurants in town. Every time I went their the food was impeccable. If you are looking for a new place to check out- check out this place. I am heading their, again ,tonight with a few friends. ❤️

Mariah 8 months ago

Ga Kho Noi Dat Set • Chicken Clay Pot

Wow!! Everything I have tried here is amazing and has so much flavor. It tastes fresh and you can tell love has been put into it. My personal favorite is the clay pot chicken and crab noodles!

Variousacctinfo 8 months ago

Pho • Noodle Soup

Best ever. Depth of flavors. Service makes you feel comfort. Decor and setting is authentic and gorgeous.

Kediaprateek 8 months ago

Hu Tieu Xao Bo • Drunken Noodle

It is one of the finest Vietnamese dish seved at Le Fat. The dish is so beautiful and is oozing with flavours. The flavour profile is so varies. Its rustic, and nostalgic and its amazingly delicious. It was an explosion and a symphony in my mouth. I would recommend it to anyone who'll be visiting this restaurant.

Trishwarddesign 8 months ago

Salt & Pepper Calamari

Lightly breaded perfection. I appreciate the two different shapes of octopus for this calamari: the typical calamari "rings" as well as the full-body tiny octopus.

Nina about 2 months ago

Bo Luc Lac • Shaking Steak

This dish is fantastic. I crave it about once a week!

Jasen 2 months ago

Ga Kho Noi Dat Set • Chicken Clay Pot

Note that it's possible for them to run out of clay pots! Dish came in a normal bowl, though still had the crispy rice which makes me think it has nothing to do with the claypot after all. Very good dish, the garlic cloves make it! In my opinion it could really use chili to add another dimension.

Benstew31 2 months ago

Hu Tieu Xao Bo • Drunken Noodle

Always a classic! I love the food and especially love the atmosphere of Le Fat!

Beattiekl 3 months ago

Soft Shell BLT Bao

This is the best Bao I've ever tasted! Absolutely delicious! I always start with one of these.

Alissa 3 months ago

Thit Ko Tho • Braised Pork Belly Bowl

The braised pork belly bowl is SO delicious... It's tender and full Of flavor, and just may be my new favorite dish!

Mackenzie 4 months ago

Soft Shell BLT Bao

Amazing! I order it every time.

Aplin 5 months ago

Ga Kho Noi Dat Set • Chicken Clay Pot

One Word....DELISH!!! It's comfort food....taste like love in a bowl!

Shademba 5 months ago

Cà Ri Gà • Vietnamese Curry Chicken

This dish took me back to Vietnam when I tasted it. It had the perfect balance of spice and flavors. I would definitely visit again but this time with my whole family and friends!

Halfpastmedia 6 months ago

Bun • Chilled Vermicelli Bowl

It was delicious, the noodles were a perfect consistency and the sauce matched the flavor palette well.

Christinapaolino 6 months ago

Hu Tieu Xao Bo • Drunken Noodle

These noodles are my jam. So flavorful and the leftovers are somehow even better the next day. The chicken clay pot is my husbands favorite, but he never leaves me any leftovers! We love this place.

Kendradwilliams1 6 months ago

Cà Ri Gà • Vietnamese Curry Chicken


Shelbyhakin 6 months ago

Ga Kho Noi Dat Set • Chicken Clay Pot

One of the best dishes I've ever had. Rice was crispy on the edges by the pot, but sticky in the middle. Amazing amount of chicken and garlic. Will seriously get this everytime I come back. Really reasonably priced as well.

Egjarecki 7 months ago

Ga Kho Noi Dat Set • Chicken Clay Pot

This dish is a must-eat every time I return to Le Fat! Between the moist, umami chicken, crispy rice, and sweet onions, it has everything you could want in a meal. The presentation is also beautiful.

Nicowill90 7 months ago

Ga Kho Noi Dat Set • Chicken Clay Pot

Incredible dish! The flavors and textures marry together quite well, and it has the warmth of a home cooked comfort meal. You can't go wrong with this one!

Contact 8 months ago

Hu Tieu Xao Bo • Drunken Noodle

This was my second visit and I really love the spot. Super cute location with easy parking and outside seating. Both times I sat outside and Vincent was my server. He was really attentive. I ordered the dumplings, papaya salad, mussels and drunken noodles. I was not disappointed. Everything was good!! And the portion where generous 💕 Personally the only thing I would say is the cocktail selection could be better or I just haven't found my favorite thing yet. Generally I love Mezcal but I was feeling the Mezcal cocktail. Other than that nice staff and super flavorful food. I will definitely be back to check out so other goodies. LOVE JAZZ 🖤 @servingrealjazz

Gdg1147 8 months ago

Ga Kho Noi Dat Set • Chicken Clay Pot

All the appetizers were really fresh and a great start to dinner. The chicken clay pot was delicious and I have been dreaming about it ever since. Yummy flavors, fresh ingredients, unique and refreshing cocktails...will definitely be back.

Rosesab 8 months ago

Ga Kho Noi Dat Set • Chicken Clay Pot

It's been three weeks and I'm still thinking about the Chicken Clay Pot! The insane flavor of the chicken mixed with the perfect crispy crunch of the rice on the bottom of the pot is unforgettable!!! This was after incredible Dumplings and Pork Belly Bao!!! I should also mention the service is impeccable. Le Fat is now an Atlanta go to for me and my friends!!! I HIGHLY recommend!!!


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